ICMEA announce the winners of the 5th ICMEA World Emerging Ceramic Artists Competition. They are:
Gold FuLe Prize : Ana-Maria Asan from Belgium,Ana-Maria Asan;
Silver FuLe Prize : C. A. Traen from the United States of America, C.A. Traen;
Bronze FuLe Prize : Beate Pfefferkorn from Germany, Beate Pfefferkorn;
The other three FuLe Prizes :
Giorgio Di Palma from Italy, Giorgio Di Palma
Martin Harman from the U.K., Martin Harman
Valerie Ceulemans from Belgium, Valerie Ceulemans
 ● The winner of Janet Mansfield Memorial Award  2016-06-25
 ● Application time of the Emerging Ceramic Artist Competition will be delay half a month.  2016-06-25

International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association

The 5th ICMEA Symposium
October 26-28, 2016, Fuping, China
October 29-November 2, 2016, Beijing, China

Theme: 15 Years In: Diversity in Ceramics in the 21st
Century andRelated Ceramic matters of Higher
education of China and the world
I. Call for 6 Conference Speakers
* Subjects of speech:
critical writing, marketing, gallery/museum direction and other
theme related topics
* No fee for speaker to enter
* Free room and meal for Speakers, no travel allowrence
* Deadline for application: June 30, 2016
for application:E-mail your Bio-data, abstract to ICMEA
II. Call Emerging Artists for Competition
Qualifi cation:
* Ceramic artists less than 8 years ceramic practice.
First Round Judging:
* E-mail artist’s art work image and cv to ICMEA,
Deadline June30, 2016
Selection announced July 31, 2016

* Selected art work should be sent to ICMEA
Deadline of receiving before October 15, 2016.
* Final judging by all editors at opening eve
* 10 winners for free residency,
one month in Fuping in 2016-2017
* 3 cash prizes for top 3 winners,
RMB15000(Gold), RMB10000 (Silver), RMB5000(Bronze)
* Selected artists are invited to Conference,
For details see inside page and also:
write to ICMEA_2016@163.com

Term President: Elaine O. Henry
ICMEA Secretary Office
电话Tel: +8610-138-0102-8834
电邮e-mail: ICMEA_2016@163.com
Mailing Address: A-6B, Star-City,
10 Jiuxianqiao Road, Beijing, 100016 China

International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association
ICMEA 2016 Symposium
October 26 - November 03, 2016 Fuping/Beijing , China
Theme: 15 Years in: Diversity in Ceramics in the 21st Century and Related Mattrs of Higher Education in China and the World
I. Call for 6 Speakers:
The subject of speech will feature related to the theme of this conference.
Speakers are required to prepare the following information in a fi le in WORD format and send to Dr. I Chi Hsu before the end of July, 15, 2016 by e-mail: (address:ICMEA 2016@163.com)
1. an abstract of the talk (about 500 words)
2. the title of the talk,
3. a cv of the speaker including age, nationality, home address and phone number
4. a photo image of the speaker (300 dpi, 1 mb) If the speaker is selected, ICMEA will notify the speaker. Then the speaker should send a full speech text again to Dr. Hsu for possible translation and publication.
1. No fee for speaker to enter
2. the selected speakers are invited to the conference in Fuping, Fuping will provide free accomodation and food during the convention period., travelling cost is not included.
II. Call for Emerging Ceramic Artists Competition:
Defi nition of Emerging artists: Ceramic artists who have not practicing art work longer than 8 years after fi nishing their training/studies.
Participating artists should prepare:
1. The photos or images of the art work intend to compete, from different angles (in JPG format, 300 dpi and at least 2 mb);
2. The caption and description of their work
3. Artist’s CV including name, nationality, age, mailing address and a short artist’s statement (50 words). All words are in English in WORD format.
All above information should be sent to Dr. Hsu in Beijing by e-mail (Address: ICMEA_2016@163.com )
Deadline of submit application: before June 30, 2016.
4. A catalog and proceedings will be printed.
First Round Judging Procedures and Conditions:
1. All received entries will be initially judged by 8 editors as organized by term president Elaine O. Henry and secretary Dr. Ichi Hsu.
2. A total of 50 - 70 applicants will be selected initially for fi nal competition. ICMEA will notice selected artists before the July 31, 2016
3. All selected applicants shall send their art work to ICMEA office in Fuping at artists cost. (address: Mr. Gouliang Xu, Fupinjg Pottery Art Village, 1 Qiaoshan Road, Fuping, Shaanxi, China (postal code 700710) Deadline for receiving the art work is September 30, 2016
Final Judging Procedures and Conditions:
1. All selected works will be exhibited at 2016 ICMEA Conference in Fuping and they will be voted by ICMEA member of ceramic magazine editors for fi nal 10 Award winners in Fuping.
2. The entry to the competition is free. If applicant is selected for fi nal competition. He or she is invited to come to Fuping for the conference but need to apply. Fuping will cover their lodging and meals during the convention period but not covering the traveling cost.
3. Winners will be announced during the opening ceremony of ICMEA Conference in Fuping, October 26, 2016
Awards will be given to 10 winning emerging artists
for free residency program in Fuping Pottery Art Village
for one month in the year period of 2016-2017. In addition,
3 cash prizes will also be given to the top 3 of these 10 artists:
Gold Prize: RMB 15000
Silver Prize: RMB 10000
Bronze Prize: RMB 5000
Award winners’ art work will be donated to ICMEA for permanent exhibition. The award does not include the traveling money but covers all the room/food and reasonable working materials in one month residency period.
Artists will donate one third of their fi nished work to Fuping Pottery Art Village for materials and firing, the other two thirds of the fi nished work belong to the artist. Artist can ship them back at their own cost or ask our gallery, the Dao Art Space in Downtown Xian to sell the art work for them. Artist will decide the price and the income will be splitted by artist and the gallery..
Highlights of the 2004 ICMEA Conference
The 1st International
Ceramic Journal Editors Symposium, 2004
August 19–23, 2004 Fuping, Shannxi, China
* “Exhibition of Ceramic Works by World Emerging Artists” .
* Lecture Series: “World Ceramic Art Development”
* Forum: Subject I: “The Goal of Ceramic Journals and its Role in the World Ceramic Art”, Subject II: “Confrontation and
Interaction of World Ceramic Art”
* Journal Exhibition: All editor will offer their journals for exhibition.
* Fuping Declaration: Form International Ceramic Magazine
Editors Association (ICMEA)
* Pre-Symposium tour visiting ceramic towns : Jingdezhen
, Beijing and Shanghai.
* 15 top ceramic journals editors participated.


The Main Dome Hall,FLICAM
now dedicated to ICMEA for permanent exhibitions
   ·International Emerging Artists’ Competition shall be held, selected ten artists will be invited to Fuping Pottery Art Village for residency creation and top three shall get the award in cash.
   ·Calling for talkers for speeches and forum
   ·Magazine editor report the development of local ceramics
   ·Post conference tour: Travelling to Hangzhou and participating in Longquan Celadon Festival.
Press Conference of ICMEA President of IAC Delivering a Speech

Chairman Xu Delivering a Speech

Opening Ceremony of  Documentation Centre

Magzine Editors' Meeting

Deciding on Awards for Emerging Artists Competition

Touring Out

ICMEA Conference

International Emerging Artists’ Exhibition
   ·Serial of speeches with the theme “Development of Worldwide Ceramics”
   ·Magazine editors from ten different countries and regions report the development of local ceramics
   ·1. “ Orientation of ceramic magazines and the roles they played in international ceramic”
   ·2. “ Collision and interaction of international ceramic”
Fuping Declaration:
   ·Setting up of “International Ceramic Magazine Editors Association”
Pre-session Tour:
   ·Travelling to Jingdezhen
   ·Altogether 15 well-known editors will attend the conference

Opening Ceremony County Governor He Delivering a Speech Cutting the Ribbon Unveil of MainDome Museum
Signature of Fuping Declaration Signature Wine Party Academic Meeting
ICMEA Secretariat Office
Tel:(+86-913)8228161  Fax:(+86-913)8211066 Cell:+86-138-0102-8834
Address: 1 Qiaoshan Road,Fuping,Shaanxi(711700),China
ICMEA Forum Permanent Add.:Fuping Pottery Art Village